Pilates at Home

More than just a Pilates program – Ultimate Pilates at Home gives you access to Amba’s unique programming and style of teaching. Not only will you notice a difference in how your body looks but you will be blown away by how it feels and how much stronger you will become. Amba’s training and your dedication will lead to the true results you’ve always dreamed of!

Experience the Ultimate Pilates “UP” Method

1. CORE – the main focus here is form and precision targeting the small muscle groups and lengthening each muscle by and slow and controlled movements. UPs attention to detail, technique and alignment are unparalleled. You will build endurance, stengthen your core and see serious results.

2. Athletic – is focused on the Reformer spring resistance to progressively load your muscles to build strength

3. Cardio – focused on increasing your heart rate to more effectively pump heart through your body. Improves your balance, coordination and flexibilityEach week you will receive a balanced approach to the above Reformer class based on above and mat pilates for release, mobility, stretch, and breathwork.

April Madness Series- Reformer

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